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Ask a Stylist . . . . .

I’m inviting my Product photography group on Linked in to join in the discussion with these online blog session entitled “Ask as Stylist”

I’m giving some FAQ’s that I receive often, with my reply . .

Q1)What is a stylist?

A1) The short answer is, I’m a photographic magician that create ‘pretty pictures’ and gives beauty and pizzazz to images.  The long answer is, I have clients with many different needs, whether they be fashion, product, commercial, or clothing clients, these clients hire me for my eye to ensemble a wardrobe, a living space, and to make their product look the BEST it can look so, that once the photographer beautifully lights the scene I create, what we generate is a top rate, sellable image for our client.

Q2) What is it, that you do?

A2) Well, I speak for myself, and only myself when I answer this question. As a well educated person with a background in clothing and interior design and photography.  My clients hire me because of my visual taste, creative ideas, and my way of fusing elements together.

Some projects have a creative director or art director who has set the vision of the project, and my job is to bring that project to life; with the use of appropriate props that aid in the selling features of the product being sold and marketed.

Some products are hands on, such as wardrobe, where a clients has the clothing, and they hire me to make their clothing look 3D, or as ifs its blowing in the wind, or on a mannequin. In these cases clients expect me to come prepared with the tools and tricks to make clothing do whatever it is they want.


Some clients have a product they want to sell, and they just want it photographed in the best possible way.  I’ll converse with the client and show them ideas and specs to generate a feeling of what they envision. I have them educate me about their product and the customer they are aiming for, this way, I have an idea of a look to go for, and a target market I need to shop towards.


I was doing a shoot on location, and besides the products, I bring my tools and equipment to make the job run smoothly. With a background in photography I have sawhorses and table tops as well, on top of my usual styling supplies


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