J Michael Style

…Because Style Matters


About J Michael Style…I started this company in a time of great change, yet in a time of new horizons, new pursuits, and new endeavors. I bring with me a wealth of knowledge and education in the photographic field, as well as prior education in Interior Design, Costume Design and Construction, Set Design, and Visual Merchandising, all fused to bring to my clients imagery that stands apart, sells to their core customer and adheres to client standards while remaining within visual and financial boundaries.
Technology is forever changing in the photographic world, and with it, so must J Michael LLC. In doing so, I have styled 360° product photography and worked in the world of soft good clothing to produce three dimensional clothing without the use of live models or Photoshop to aid the three dimensional look clients seek. The technique I use increases productivity and cuts down on post-production time, giving my clients faster turnaround with quality definition.

The profession of photographic styling is one that requires a creative eye, with attention to detail and the resources to produce high quality work at a caliber that delivers the elements that are (and are not) asked for by the client. I take this field beyond the notion that stylist are only supposed to produce ‘pretty pictures’, because before the final shutter clicks, my job, as the stylist, is to understand the client’s needs, work in the development of producing what the client expects, and collaborate with the creative team to ensure a successful production.


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